Which is the right league for you or your team?

We have a large number of leagues on five nights of the week at lots of different venues across the North West!  Choosing when and where to play sometimes comes down to when your players are available BUT we also need you to consider how experienced you or your team is and what type of game you’re expecting to play.

We’ve graded our netball leagues to show the level of play we expect at each league. We’ve done this to help teams decide where to play, taking into account how experienced your team is and what level they would like to play at.

Here’s a summary…

Level 1 is for Beginners with less than 12 months playing experience, either playing in Back to Netball or in a social league.

Level 2 is for Beginners+ i.e. teams or players who have been playing for 1-2 years. They may not be ready to join one of our Social leagues but they’re too experienced for our Beginner leagues!

Level 3 is playing at a Social level. These teams have been playing together for a while and are comfortable with the rules. They’re no longer Beginners but don’t want to play very competitively.

Level 4 is Social+ i.e. Social teams who have improved over time and are now good netballers. They would still prefer to play socially though rather than competitively!

Level 5 is for Competitive teams with experienced and confident players, who look forward to a competitive game each week.

Level 6 is for Competitive+ teams with a number of club players who’ve played in a competitive league before and enjoy a fast paced and challenging game.

Which Level of Play is right for your team?

Some of our leagues may incorporate a number of different levels. We’re able to have different divisions on a Wednesday at the Velodrome, for example, so we can accommodate teams playing at Levels 3-6.

We only have one court on a Wednesday at Barlow though, so this would be graded at Level 4-5 as the teams who usually play in this league have been playing for a while now and are quite competitive.

Teams may have some easier games and some harder games but should feel comfortable overall with the standard in their league.

The Level of Play has been added to the Venues page on our website.  Simply click on the link for each venue to see how it has been graded.

If you’re not sure which grade is right for you or your team, please get in touch for more details.