If you’re part of our netball leagues, you already know how incredible the sport is and what a positive impact it can have – mentally, physically and socially.

You also know how Play Simple Netball works; we use our expert systems and knowledge to make it as easy as possible for our teams to get on the netball court.

But have you ever considered taking your involvement in netball to the next level?

Play Simple Netball started in Manchester but works on a franchise model – we have franchisees who run their leagues independently in their own geographic region.

Liverpool is one of these franchises and has now become available for sale in an exciting opportunity for our players and other potential business owners alike.

So, how does having your own Play Simple Netball franchise work?

We have a tried and tested system for our leagues – we know how to get new players on board, how to organise new teams, and how to keep leagues running effectively season after season – and that knowledge is available to our franchisees too.

If you become a franchisee, you’ll have support from the Play Simple Netball team every step of the way. We can help guide you in growing the leagues, as well as provide support in terms of marketing and more to help you wherever we can.

With a Play Simple Netball franchise, you have the chance to create your own full time, profitable business, working for yourself in a sport that you love. It doesn’t matter whether you have experience in self-employment or not – if you have the drive and the time to put into a franchise, either with an existing franchise such as Liverpool or elsewhere in the country, this could be a fantastic opportunity for you!

Want to know more? Contact Jo Wilks today on joanna@simplenetball.co.uk to see if it’s the right opportunity for you.

How to find ringers, and set up your profile if you want to be one

It’s often the case that once someone joins one of our netball league, they catch a bit of a buzz for the sport, and want to play more often!

If you set up your profile to show your availability as a ringer, this means that when other teams are short, you are notified and have the opportunity of playing extra games during the week.

This is great for you as a player – not only are you able to play more netball at no extra cost, but this gives you more chance to improve your skills, take part in enjoyable exercise, and connect with other teams in our leagues. Plus, it helps ensure that we don’t have forfeit matches because other teams are short of people!

Setting up your profile if you want to be a ringer

If you would like the chance to be a ringer for other teams, it couldn’t be easier to set up your profile to make sure you’re notified when they’re needed.

Here’s a step by step of how to let us know when you’re available:

  1. Log in to your Simple Netball account on the website.
  1. Hover over the ‘My Profile’ icon in the Member Menu and click on ‘Communication Settings’.
  1. Scroll down the ‘Communication Preferences’ page to ‘Extra Playing Opportunities (Ringer requests)’.
  1. Then, simply tick ‘Send me extra playing opportunities’ and it will reveal a list of our league venues, nights and positions you are willing to play.  You can see how close the venues are to you by clicking on their name, which will take you to a Google maps page of where they’re located.
  2. Select which days you’re available to play, the venues you can travel to and which positions you’re happy to play in if needed. You can select multiple options for these.
  3. Now an important bit – you have the option of being contacted by email and SMS text messages if there’s a ringer opportunity that fits your profile. Please make sure that you select to be contacted by email. We tend to get a lot of players who only choose the SMS option, but as we send out our ringer requests via email, this can mean that you might miss the chance for an extra game.


Once you’ve done all of those, simply click on ‘Update extra playing opportunity preferences’ at the bottom – and you’re good to go!

Keeping your ringer profile updated

Something to remember is to continue to update your availability as a ringer, so we can know which games you’re able to substitute for.

If your circumstances change and you are unable to make it to a certain venue, can no longer play on certain days, or are simply taking some time off playing netball – please, please try to remember to update your profile to reflect this! If not, we could be emailing you with the request to play on a day when you can’t, and it might result in others missing out or teams ending up short of players.

It’s also a good idea to keep checking the ringer availability section on your profile to see if we’ve added any new venues to our leagues. As our leagues continue to grow and so does our number of players (which is fantastic!), we continue to find new venues and spaces to play netball. By updating your ringer profile, you can see if any new venues near you have been added and mark yourself as available – meaning you have more chance of getting an extra game, and the teams at our new venues have a pool of ringers to get in touch with!

Finding a ringer if you’re an organiser

Got a game coming up and can see you’re short on players? If you’re the organiser for your team, there’s a few ways that you can find subs – but using our ringers list on the Simple Netball website is the best, and should be your first port of call.

Whilst we have organiser Whatsapp groups for each league where people often ask for subs, this isn’t always the most effective option. The team captains might not see the message, may not actually ask their team and you could end up short when it comes to match time.

Plus, using the ringers list allows players from different leagues the chance to play for you and get more games, instead of always using netballers you already play with.

Here’s a step by step of how to search for ringers through our website:

  1. Log in to your profile on the Simple Netball site.
  2. Click ‘Find Ringers’ from the Members Menu.
  3. Use the drop down to select which fixture you need the ringers for.
  4. Choose which positions you need – you can select multiple ones here, whether that’s if you need more than one ringer, or if your team is able to swap around depending on which ringers are free.
  5. Select the gender of player you need (this will be female unless you play in a specific mixed league).
  6. Click Find Ringers.
  7. You will then be presented with a list of people who have said they’re available to substitute on that day at that venue.
  8. As we’ve previously mentioned, email is the best method to use to get in touch with ringers. So, we’d recommend selecting to contact all the ringers the system has found via email, and then click Contact Ringers.
  9. This will send an email to those players letting them know you need subs, and giving them your contact details. Hopefully, some ringers will be in touch with you from there!

You can of course use the league organiser group on Whatsapp to find ringers, or even ask people to play that you might already be in touch with, but remember to send out a ringer request first. We find it’s the best way to secure those players and make sure you have a full team at match time!

If you have any further questions about finding ringers for your team, or how to set up your availability as a ringer, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Just click here to contact us.