Play Simple Netball’s FAQ’s

Take a look at some of our most Frequently Asked Questions to find out more about our netball leagues.  Please get in touch if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for!

Don’t worry! Loads of our players come to Play Simple Netball and haven’t touched a netball since their school or university days – so you won’t be the only one in this position!

We set up our netball leagues for the very purpose of getting people back into this sport. We want to encourage people of all netball abilities to get back onto the court in a fun, recreational, low-pressure league – so whether you haven’t played since school, it’s only been a little while, or if you’ve never played at all,  you’re not alone and will find a league that works perfectly for you.

Our netball leagues are recreational, and so are open to players of all abilities! We have leagues that are for beginners, and others that are for more experienced players – we’ll ask you when you sign up how much you’ve played before, and try to find you a team or league that fits.

Everyone is welcome, and don’t worry about keeping up. We want to encourage a wide variety of people to play netball, and are really confident you’ll find a team and a league that works well for you.

Not to worry, we also accept entries into our netball leagues from individual players. We’ll do all the leg work for you and place you in a team with other like-minded players. We’ll even organise practice sessions for you and your team mates before the league starts.

Just register your interest here and we’ll send you some further information. If you register with a friend, we’ll ensure that you both get to play in the same team.

Whether you’re an individual player or already have a team, everyone is welcome to sign up for a Play Simple Netball league. Most of our players who are coming back to netball for the first time in a while sign up as individuals players too, and so there’s lots of other people who won’t know anyone else when they join.

One of the best parts about joining a Play Simple Netball league is the people you meet, and you’ll soon make friends with your teammates. Getting together each week can give you a great sense of camaraderie, and many of our players go on to make great friends as they get to know each other.

So, you might be starting out on your own, but you’ll soon end up as part of a fab group of pals!

Of course! If you have a netball team ready to go, all you need to do is visit this page and fill in the team registration form, and we’ll place you from there.

If you know what venue and league you want to join, you can wait until registrations are next opened and register your team there to secure a place.

We host training sessions each week where you can turn up on the day, no need to book, and have a good run around with one of our coaches as well as start to develop your netball skills again. Find out more about those here.

We are also a partner of England Netball’s Back to Netball scheme, and so can help you find a session designed to help those returning to the sport after a long time, to get you started with playing again.


We have netball leagues all across the North West, including many in Greater Manchester, as well as in Liverpool, Cheshire, Warrington and St Helen’s. So, if you’re living and working in the area, there should be an accessible netball league venue near you!  You’ll find them listed here on our website.

Our venues are often either sports centres or school sports courts, and we try to ensure there are parking facilities so that they’re as easy to get to as possible.

We’re adding new venues all the time, so if there isn’t one quite right for you at the moment, do keep checking back to see if a new, closer one has been launched.  And if you’re outside of the North West, please get in touch as we’re always looking for new places in which to establish our netball leagues!

Our netball leagues tend to run on weeknights between the hours of 6pm and 10pm, depending on how many teams are in the league and therefore how many games need to happen in a night. We do have some options on a weekend also.

Matches tend to run every week, though it’s likely that your team will have a week off (or a BYE week) in the duration of the league – again this depends how many teams are in the league.  There is also sometimes a week off in between seasons.

When a new league starts we do always ask teams if they have any preferences for match times, and do our best to meet those, but of course this can’t be the case every time.

All you need to be able to play netball with us is suitable clothing and footwear, some time to spare, and a passion for netball! We provide all the equipment you need, including balls, posts and bibs. You just need to bring yourself, and some water to keep you hydrated.

All players must also adhere to our health and safety policy to be allowed on court, which you can read in full here. This includes things like removing absolutely all jewellery, and keeping nails short, so as to ensure the safety of yourself and other players during the game.

No netball skirts or dresses required! All you need to wear to play is clothing suitable for physical activity, and a good pair of trainers. You can find out more about what you need to wear, and our health and safety policy regarding this on our blog.

We get this a lot! Netball can be a quite complicated game; there’s lots of rules to remember, and if you haven’t played for a while, we know it can feel like a lot to get back into it and learn how to play again.

But, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you pick up the game again! As you play more often, you’ll soon know the rules inside out, and that will help you to understand and play the game better too.  You can see a summary of the rules on our website too.

Our games in our netball leagues are 7-a-side with standard positions as per the England Netball rules, and they consist of two halves of 18-20 minutes (depending on the venue). The total time slot for each game is 40-50 minutes.

No, the umpires will be provided for you.  We provide two fully trained, qualified and insured umpires for every match in our netball leagues. The umpires are the ones who will also check that players comply with health and safety regulations before every game.

If there’s ever a week when you’re short on players, there’s a few things you can do to find substitutes.

The best thing to do (and what we recommend) is to send out a ringer email request. You can find out more about this here, but it’s essentially getting in touch with people who already play in our netball leagues and have indicated that they’re free on the date you need, can attend the venue and can play in a suitable position.

If you’re keen to start playing netball but not sure that you can commit to playing as part of a team every week, you can still sign up to our Back to Netball sessions (if you’re just dipping your toe!), or come along to our weekly training sessions. These often don’t require signup beforehand, and you can just come along when you’re free.

Just visit this page, and select whether you’re registering as a team or individual player. Once you’ve filled out your registration form, we’ll be in touch to help place you – either as an individual into a team, or as a team into a league. We’ll then work with you from there to let you know what you need and when your league starts!


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