What is it like to join a new netball team?

Are you thinking of joining one of our netball teams, but nerves are stopping you from going for it?

Are you worried about playing netball again for the first time since school? Or maybe you’re a total newbie to the sport?

Not to worry! We know how daunting it can be to join a completely new netball team – but we also know the fantastic benefits of getting involved with netball, and how much our members enjoy being a part of our leagues once they get started.

So, to try and tackle some of the worries you might have about joining a new netball team, here’s some points to help you get to know what it’s like!

“Having not played for a number of years I was a little apprehensive. Firstly, coming alone and not knowing anyone, and then I had no idea what to expect in terms of the standard.

The first taster session was a little hazy getting back into the basics of the game, however soon got into the swing of things. Since then though it’s been great; I’ve grown closer with the team, everyone’s skills have improved and the confidence has grown, and it’s lovely to see the support each of the girls give one another.

I’d highly recommend coming along to try, also a great way of keeping fit!”

  • Kristy Heywood, current Simple Netball team member and super Centre

Everyone is in the same boat

Work teams, small groups or individuals – we get all kinds of people signing up for our teams, whether they know some players or nobody at all.

There’s nothing to fear about joining a new netball team on your own – chances are, most of the others on your team are in the same position too.

That also applies to the amount of netball experience you have before joining up; if you’ve played regularly or haven’t donned the court since your school days, there will be others just like you in your team and the league. We have a mix of levels in ability throughout our leagues, with some more experienced than others, but we always try and place you in the one most suitable for you when you first join.

Plus, remember that Play Simple Netball are recreational leagues, and nobody expects a brand new team to be perfect when they start. It’s a team sport, and so the more you play together, the more you bond and start to work together as a team.

It’s fine to be a bit rusty! You’ll soon pick the game and rules back up and see your own skills improve as well as your whole team.

“I was quite nervous joining a netball team. I hadn’t played netball since school and I’m not that confident with people I don’t know. I was a bit worried everyone else would be super fit…but I really wanted to get back into sports and increase my fitness.

I needn’t have worried at all; my new team members were friendly and welcoming instantly. From that first game they encouraged me and gave advice on how I could improve, which has made me a more confident (and hopefully better) player. Being part of a team motivates me to show up every week; if I’ve had a busy day or feeling a bit rubbish, and want to put my PJs on instead of my trainers, I still go to the games because I don’t want to let my team down. I’m always glad I did, because win or lose, I always feel energised, sweaty and grateful to be part of a team of strong and caring women.

I love the camaraderie and competitive banter not only within my team, but with other players and teams in the league on and off the court. I look forward to that 40 mins on the court each week, feeling part of an empowered and strong group.”

  • Lucy Ferguson, former Simple Netball team member & speedy WD

You’ll make new friends!

One of the best things about joining a new netball team is the people you’ll meet, and the friendships you can make too.

Playing netball together breeds a great sense of team spirit and a healthy bit of competition, and can help add a whole new community to your social life.

We run a lot of our netball teams with the use of Whatsapp, so you can chat to each other throughout the week ahead of the game, cheer each other on during matches and many teams often get to know each other so well that they organise team socials outside of netball. Plus, there will soon be familiar faces from other teams in your league too.

We take care of everything for you

There’s no need to worry about organising your new netball team once you join – at the start, we take care of it all for you. You pay your fees in a lump sum, meaning you don’t have to think about the weekly umpire costs just yet, we let you know who can play each week and we’ll sort out ringers/substitutes for you if needed.

Once your team has gotten the hang of things and know each other better, then we’ll hand over the organisation to you – but only when you’re ready!

“I researched all the available leagues in Manchester when I was looking for somewhere for me and my sister to play. I liked that you didn’t have to pay everything in advance when you signed up, the fees were only paid once a team had been found for you and you had committed to the league.

Simple Netball was exactly what I was looking for, a friendly open-to-all level netball league that works flawlessly every week. My sister and I now feel like established members of a really good team.”

  • Letitia Burgess, current Simple Netball team member & star GD

It gives you a great new way to get moving

Too often, we can see exercise as a chore – but netball is a fantastic way to work out and get sweaty that is also fun, social and competitive too. It becomes a seriously enjoyable part of your week, and some of our members who really catch the netball bug even go on to join more leagues too.

Joining a new netball team can put some fun back into your exercise regime, giving you a high intensity work out in the process!

We chat to so many players who are keen to join a team, but sometimes let their fears and nerves get in the way and prevent them from signing up. Hopefully the points we’ve shared can help you see there’s nothing to be afraid of, and so much to gain from joining a new netball team!

If you have any more questions at all or would like to find out more about a league near you, find out how to get in touch by visiting our Contact page. We can’t wait to hear from you, and hopefully see you playing soon!