How wearing netball trainers can up your game

Once a player joins Simple Netball, they often ask us – what do we need to wear?

You may remember netball skirts from back in your school days; don’t worry, they’re not a requirement! All we ask is that players wear clothing appropriate for strenuous physical exercise, whether that’s a netball dress or your favourite leggings.

But one part of kit that players often forget to focus on is their footwear.

Did you know? You can get trainers specifically designed for netball!

We find that recreational players often wear running trainers (or something similar) once they join a league.

Whilst this is great to get you started playing netball – and running trainers are certainly better than casual footwear like plimsolls or Converse in terms of support – trainers designed specifically for netball can actually be really helpful in giving you a boost on court, reducing the likelihood of injury and upping your game in general.

What are the benefits of wearing netball trainers?

One of the biggest ways that netball trainers can improve your game is by enabling you to change direction much more easily and effectively.

Agility, being quick on your feet and changing direction is key to getting away from your opponent (especially for those that play in attacking positions), and netball trainers can help a lot with this.

Whereas running trainers are designed to suit running and cope with a linear forward motion, netball trainers are more suited to sideways motion. They provide extra grip to stop your foot going over the side of the shoe, allowing you to change direction and take off again more effectively.

Netball trainers also give you more stability as you’re jumping and then landing, meaning more support for your knees and ankles and less risk of injury – this game can be tough on your ankles, so this can be really important! This can also make jumping and getting higher elevation easier, so you can reach those crucial passes during the match.

If you have any existing issues with your knees/ankles, or have recovered from a previous injury, wearing netball trainers can help you play more pain-free and focus on your game instead of any twinges that might be caused by inappropriate footwear.

Which trainers are best for which position?

Attacking players tend to favour lighter, speedier shoes with the grip and flexibility to help them change direction quickly, giving them the upper hand when it comes to outwitting the players that are marking them.

Defenders might be more keen on a heavier trainer which has more power, strength and support, giving them more height when they’re jumping to intercept those rebounds, but offering the stability when they land and to help them hold their space against shooters.

Where can you buy some netball trainers?

If you’re ready to invest in some netball trainers to up your game, you can browse through the range on England Netball’s store by clicking here. The brands include Mizuno, Asics and more, and there’s even junior sizes if you know any little ones that are getting into the sport.

Netball UK recently worked with Mizuno on a fantastic video about netball trainers – have a watch below!